Valery Ryzhenko

Valery Ryzhenko has a perfect background for entering pipe making with success. From his grandfather, who was an excellent cabinet-maker, he got the love and knowledge to work with wood and from his gather he got the knowledge and experience to work with machinery and technical equipment. Early on in his pipe making venture Valery met with prominent carvers like Bill Ashton, Luigi Viprati, Former and Tom Eltang. He has been inspired by them and have had vital advises from them all. That along with a great talent and a lot of hard work makes the foundation for the fine pipes from Valery Rijenko. We will like you to check out images and videos for this carver as well. You will find some very attractive pieces at a good price here…

Valery Ryzhenko

  1. Valery Ryzhenko

    Valery Ryzhenko

  2. Valery Ryzhenko Bent Rhodesian

    Valery Ryzhenko Bent Rhodesian

    Excl. Tax: $252.14 Incl. Tax: $315.18
  3. Valery Ryzhenko Billard sandblast

    Valery Ryzhenko Billard sandblast

    Excl. Tax: $252.14 Incl. Tax: $315.18
  4. Valery Ryzhenko smooth billiard

    Valery Ryzhenko smooth billiard

    Excl. Tax: $404.76 Incl. Tax: $505.95

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