Tsuge is a company with a long family history of fine craftmanship. The workshop started in 1936 and originally produced ivory cigarette holders but due to high demand of smoking pipes, the comapny started producing pipes. Competition rose in the 1970´s and craftsmen from Tsuge, was sent to workshops in Italy and Denmark, to uptain advanced skills of pipemaking from Europe. Tsuge then startet making European style freehand pipes with a Japanese touch, and the line "Ikebana" came to life.

In this category you will find pipes from the Ikebana line and the E-star line.

Pipes from the Ikebana line is high quality handmade pipes made by three carvers named Fukuda, Kikuchi and Ohi. 

Here at Bisgaard Pipes we offer pipes from Kikuchi and Ohi.

Kikuchi - Asami Kikuchi is a female pipe carver from Japan. She was a talented art student from "Tama Art University", whos fascination and passion for wood work led her to become a pipemaker for Tsuge. Her final art school project was to create small wooden objects and a couple of years after graduating she received an order for her objects. She needed a place to make her wood work and through mutual acquaintances, she ended up in Tsuge´s workshop.  Asami Kikuchi fell in love with the process of pipe making, and when she was finished making the order for her small wooden objects, she asked Tsuge if she could stay and learn about making smoking pipes.

She started making pipes for Tsuge´s line "Ikebana" in 2013 after being taught well by Fukuda (carver for the "Ikebana" line). She now creates smoking pipes with beautiful different shapes for the "Ikebana" line.

Ohi - Yoshirou Ohi is a graduate from "Tokyo Metropolitan Mokujima Technical High School" and has won both silver and gold medals in the 1970´s, for his pipe making skills and he has also won the title of "Best Handmade Pipe of the Year." In the mid 1990´s he went on to work with ceramics and again his work won recognition. In 2014 he went back to being a pipe maker and started working for Tsuge in 2014.

His pipes have a dynamic composition where lines and ridges show off spectacular grain patterns. An Ohi pipe should be appreciated from all angles to understand 

  1. (Tsuge) E-Star - The Roulette, Army Sand

    (Tsuge) E-Star - The Roulette, Army Sand

    Excl. Tax: $121.83 Incl. Tax: $152.29
  2. Tsuge (E-Star) - The System, light brown

    Tsuge (E-Star) - The System, light brown

    Excl. Tax: $134.07 Incl. Tax: $167.59
  3. Tsuge - Blowfish metal

    Tsuge - Blowfish metal

    Excl. Tax: $146.32 Incl. Tax: $182.90
  4. Tsuge - Kikuchi, Freehand

    Tsuge - Kikuchi, Freehand

    Excl. Tax: $918.32 Incl. Tax: $1,147.90
  5. Tsuge - Ohi, Freehand

    Tsuge - Ohi, Freehand

    Excl. Tax: $1,095.86 Incl. Tax: $1,369.83
  6. Tsuge - Ohi, Volcano

    Tsuge - Ohi, Volcano

    Excl. Tax: $1,095.86 Incl. Tax: $1,369.83
  7. Tsuge - Tokyo bamboo, sandblast

    Tsuge - Tokyo bamboo, sandblast

    Excl. Tax: $232.03 Incl. Tax: $290.04

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