Shcherbak Pipes

Artem Shcherbak was born in Kyiv, Ukraine.  Like many other pipe makers, he was fascinated by the beauty of a smoking pipe.

As a pipesmoker himself, he decided to create his own smokingpipe and in 2010, he produced his first handmade pipe. It just started as a hobby where he made pipes for his own use, but soon realized that he had a talent and it became a passion for him. 

He started carving pipes for some of his closest friends, and then he began experimenting with different shapes, engineering different systems and use different materials to design his smoking pipes.

His hobby became his profession. 

He is now making professional pipes, using Morta, Italian Olive Wood and Italian Briar. For his mouthpieces, he use German ebonite. 

  1. Shcherbak Pipes Morta Dublin

    Shcherbak Pipes Morta Dublin

    Excl. Tax: $322.72 Incl. Tax: $403.40
  2. Shcherbak Pipes Nosewarmer

    Shcherbak Pipes Nosewarmer

    Excl. Tax: $345.64 Incl. Tax: $432.05

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