Lasse Skovgaard

Lasse Skovgaard is one of the youngest danish pipe makers. He started making prototypes in his fathers workshop and realized that it wasn't as easy as he thought. A smokingpipe is rather difficult to make both functional and beautiful at the same time. But practice makes perfect and Lasse Skovgaard continued making his pipes. When he was 18, he made smokingpipes for W.Ø. Larsen.

The show that changed it all

A friend of his father encouraged the young Lasse Skovgaard to participate in a pipeshow in Chicago in 2004, with a batch of his own smooth pipes. He sold every single pipe that he brought with him and decided to bring 75 sandblasted pipes the following year - It was a major succes! His sandblasted pipes was extremely popular at the show. Since the show in 2005, Lasse Skovgaard´s career took off and his pipes can now be bought in many different countries worldwide

Lasse Skovgaard

  1. Lasse Skovgaard Dublin Sandblast

    Lasse Skovgaard Dublin Sandblast

    Excl. Tax: $393.90 Incl. Tax: $492.37
  2. Lasse Skovgaard Giant Apple

    Lasse Skovgaard Giant Apple

    Excl. Tax: $450.00 Incl. Tax: $562.50
  3. Lasse Skovgaard Round Dublin

    Lasse Skovgaard Round Dublin

    Excl. Tax: $393.90 Incl. Tax: $492.37
  4. Lasse Skovgaard Sandblast Brandy

    Lasse Skovgaard Sandblast Brandy

    Excl. Tax: $450.00 Incl. Tax: $562.50
  5. Lasse Skovgaard Sandblasted Dublin

    Lasse Skovgaard Sandblasted Dublin

    Excl. Tax: $393.90 Incl. Tax: $492.37

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