The founder of Dunhill Pipes

Alfred Dunhill originally manufactured horsecarriage accessories, but when cars became popular, he started producing car accessories and invented the Windshield Pipe.

The pipe got so popular that Alfred Dunhill opened a store that sold tobacco and imported pipes. Later he started producing his own pipes because he found the current quality of the imported pipes, to be too poor. Alfred Dunhill wanted his pipes to be of the highest quality, sold on the english market. Dunhill Pipes continues today to make the same high quality smoking pipes. 

In this category you find Dunhill Pipes in different shapes, finishes and prices.


  1. Dunhill Bruyere 3110

    Dunhill Bruyere 3110

    Excl. Tax: $464.97 Incl. Tax: $581.21
  2. Dunhill Bruyere 3203

    Dunhill Bruyere 3203

    Excl. Tax: $533.31 Incl. Tax: $666.64
  3. Dunhill Bruyere 3421 Year of the Monkey 2016

    Dunhill Bruyere 3421 Year of the Monkey 2016

    Excl. Tax: $921.39 Incl. Tax: $1,151.74
  4. Dunhill Bruyere 4103

    Dunhill Bruyere 4103

    Excl. Tax: $549.18 Incl. Tax: $686.47
  5. Dunhill Bruyere 4104 - Silverbanded

    Dunhill Bruyere 4104 - Silverbanded

    Excl. Tax: $729.18 Incl. Tax: $911.48
  6. Dunhill Bruyere Bamboo 3103

    Dunhill Bruyere Bamboo 3103

    Excl. Tax: $533.31 Incl. Tax: $666.64
  7. Dunhill Chestnut 3103

    Dunhill Chestnut 3103

    Excl. Tax: $533.31 Incl. Tax: $666.64
  8. Dunhill Pouch PA8210 Save -28%

    Dunhill Pouch PA8210

    $212.80 Special Price Excl. Tax: $121.92 Incl. Tax: $152.40
  9. Dunhill Shell Briar 3108

    Dunhill Shell Briar 3108

    Excl. Tax: $353.30 Incl. Tax: $441.63

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