Blasted Jon Vesterholm Scoop

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When master Vesterholm makes a scoop – he makes a very scoopy scoop. You can literally scoop with this scoop. This extremely full bent has a beautiful deep blast and is finished in a warm brown nuance. The horn shank decoration and the fantastic hand made stem adds elegance to the construction. This is a pipe that features many elements, and Jon has managed to make them all play very well together. If you are in to “hangers”, this is the ideal pipe to add to your collection. It seems to be the right time to say “Scoopy Dooby Doo”

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A: 44 mm - 1.73" inch
B: 38 mm - 1.5" inch
C: 150 mm - 5.91" inch
D: 19 mm - 0.75" inch
E: 32 mm - 1.26" inch

Weight:42 gram - 1.48 ounces

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Brand: Jon Vesterholm
Product no: M1176
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