Danish pipe shop

Pipe makers are creative and innovative in their pursuit to make the best pipes for an exquisite smoking experience and for practical cleaning and storage. The craftsmanship put into creating every pipe is bound on precision and the potential of the materials. Most pipe makers have their favorite materials and ways of working, which makes every pipe maker, and every pipe, unique and of the highest quality.

At Bisgaard Pipes we have chosen to only include the very best pipes from the foremost pipe makers of the world today. As you browse our collection, you will find high variety and many different price ranges, catering to the needs of both the beginning pipe smoker and the experienced collector.

Estate pipes for the collector

We have a wide range of estate pipes, all in great quality, that you can acquire to build your unique collection of pipes. Here you can find unsmoked treasures that are truly unique in design and shaping, and you can find the classics, some of them presmoked and some of them unsmoked.

Bisgaard Pipes wishes you a nice stay on our website, and we hope that you will find exactly what you need for your best smoking experience.

Pipes Magazine has written an article about Bisgaard Pipes, so if you want to learn more, you can find the article right here.




Our History

Margit and Aage Bisgaard established Bisgaard Pipes in 1963 and the company quickly became known worldwide for selling smoking pipes in exclusive design and very good quality.

In April 2018 Margit and Aage chose to retire and Hektor was honored to take over. Hektor has many years of experience with pipes and smoke-related products and also manages the store “Havnens Vin- og Tobakshus” in Vejle, Denmark where he is the 2nd generation owner.