Bisgaard Pipes - Well established danish smoking pipe shop

Margit og Aage Bisgaard established Bisgaard Pipes in 1963 and the company quickly became known worldwide, for selling smoking pipes in exclusive design and very good quality.

In April 2018 Margit and Aage chose to retire and I was honored to be continuing the business. The reason for my interest in taking over Bisgaard Pipes is my great experience with pipes and smoke-related products due to my store “Havnens Vin- og Tobakshus” which I’m the 2nd generation owner of.

Pipes Magazine has written an article about Bisgaard Pipes, so if you want to learn more, you can find the article right here.

  1. Stanwell Royal Guard Billard
    Stanwell Royal Guard Billard
    $135.22 $108.18
  2. Stanwell De Luxe Sand Billard
    Stanwell De Luxe Sand Billard
    $105.13 $84.10
  3. Stanwell Brushed Bulldog
    Stanwell Brushed Bulldog
    $90.09 $72.07
  4. Stanwell Sterling Sand Bulldog
    Stanwell Sterling Sand Bulldog
    $165.30 $132.24
  5. Stanwell Royal Guard Freehand
    Stanwell Royal Guard Freehand
    $135.22 $108.18
  6. Stanwell Featherwight Sand
    Stanwell Featherwight Sand
    $120.17 $96.14
  7. VAUEN Pibeværktøj
    VAUEN Pibeværktøj
    $33.84 $27.07
  8. XIKAR turbolighter Pulsar tripple flame Red
    XIKAR turbolighter Pulsar tripple flame Red
    Special Price $100.62 $80.50 Regular Price $115.66
  9. Wolfgang Becker Wasp Boxwood
    Wolfgang Becker Wasp Boxwood
    $3,645.10 $2,916.08
    Out of stock
  10. Brian G. Madsen - Bulldog
    Brian G. Madsen - Bulldog
    $300.81 $240.65