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Bisgaard Piber pĺ DANSK

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As you know, many of our pipes are unique one-of-a-kind masterpieces.
If you happen to fall in love with one of the pipes at a time where your budget is limited, we can offer you a gentle way of paying your pipe with our LayAway Plan.

Terms of Layaway
Layaway applies to pipes, pipe accessories, lighters and anything else in our on-line shop - with the exception of tobacco and cigars.
The pipes and/or accessories must have a combined value of at least $200.

You may place items on layaway either by cashiers check, money transfer or credit card.
If you decide for any reason to cancel your layaway, your initial payment will be refunded to you less 10% of the total value of the items on layaway. The restocking fee is to cover our bank, merchant and administrative costs.
Payments will be charged to you according to the payment plan your have chosen.
You may pay-off your layaway early if you so choose.
Email your request to pay off your layaway early.

Layaway Procedures
Pick out your pipes and accessories in our on-line shop, and choose “LayAway Plan” as payment.
Send us an email at describing the way you will pay and the duration of your LayAway according to the terms below.
We will then confirm your request, give you your “LayAway Account number” and direct you to our secure server for on-line payment if this is your preferred way of paying.
If you preferred to pay by money transfer or Cashiers Check, we will mail you our bank account details.
Once you place an item or items on layaway and have paid the down payment, we will place all of your merchandise in a box with your name on it.
Your items will be shipped immediately after you have completed payments.

Payment Plan
A 30% down payment is required to place an item or items on layaway.
Upon receipt of your LayAway request, we will confirm your merchandise and layaway plan, including a listing of the dates and amounts of each payment via email.
You will be assigned a LayAway account number. Please keep this number handy for ease of reference.

After your down payment you will have the option to pay off the balance in either 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks or 8 weeks.

Depending on your selection of the pay-off period, the balance of your LayAway will be broken up into equal payments.
For example, if you choose an item for $200 dollars - a required 30% ($60) will be debited to you. If the desired pay-off plan was 4 weeks, we would take the balance ($140) and break it up into 4 one-week installments of ($35).
We will be open for other ways of breaking up the balance – just let us know.
Shipping charges will be applied to the last payment
If there has been a fluctuation (exchange rate movement) during the pay-off period we will deduct or add that amount to your last payment too.


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